MOPP - Mission ouvrière Saints-Pierre-et-Paul

10 octobre 2011

Goodbye Christian

Toulouse 14th October 2010, The Church of Christ the King
I am moved that the funeral will take place in the Church of Christ the King because we always celebrated Christian on the day of Christ the King ! A wink from the Lord.
Being the eldest of the siblings I am speaking for my brothers and sisters as well. I would like to discover with you what Christian was able to find in his family to form himself, and what he himself brought to us.
He was the sixth of a family of 11 children. He used to say, “I am the youngest of the older children and the oldest of the youngest ones”, like a hinge and not always comfortable. He had personality since birth : he was the only one who could not digest maternal milk !
He loved life, and he loved his family. We will never forget his outbursts of laughter. He liked to cook, methodical and precise ; very observant, very thoughtful, willing, always seeking to understand ; very skilled in IT, and claimed it ! Musician, organist, a beautiful voice.
In the family we all sang. We were very inspired, to enliven the family washing-up sessions ! His choices were made with great independence, in relation to his family environment. After the bombshell of his seminary year at Grand Champ in the diocese of Versailles, affected by May 68, he became involved professionally in the world of workers, to which he wanted to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ. This orientation was a surprise to his family !
His parents being engaged in independent teams : ACI for mother, and Saint Vincent de Paul for father. When he worked at Grand Marnier, our maternal Grandfather used to say, “Christian, at Grand Marnier, could only be a taster !” He then discovered that he was missing the essential thing ; that the best will was useless if it was not fed by prayer and the study of the word of God. He meets Jacques Loew, the school
of faith, MOPP, the revival of the charismatic worker. He opened a “window” to the outside world, to the world of the worker, to an open church. Our parents were happy to see him choose the religious life even if mother saw him as more the chaplain of ACI than a metallurgical worker !
Then all of us followed in his way ; he made us share all the riches of the school of faith, the renewed charismatic, and the importance of praise in his mission. It was a solid support during the trials of his illness ; in 1980 struck down by cancer, he said “Knowing about my condition, I decided to praise God whatever may happen”. Since he entered MOPP, and called to priesthood, one can say that his second family was MOPP.
When he arrived at Toulouse he also found brothers to help him create a lively parish. What a joy for him was the fiftieth anniversary of the Parish of Saint Claire. Already tired, he marvelled at the wonderful organisation of this day. He said to us, “I can completely lean on my parish team”. I also want to say that Jesus was very close to Christian until the end. It was a grace for us, last Sunday, coming back from the Pilgrimage of the Rosary in Lourdes, knowing him to be hospitalised, to be able to bring him Communion, brought from the mass of Saint Francis of Assisi, and which we were able to give him while he was completely lucid, one hour before his death.
We give thanks because Christian entered into the real LIFE. “He was already so close to his Lord, as writes Catherine, from New Caledonia”. She also said : “His active goodness and his sensitivity made any contact with him a moment of grace. He softened the thorns of our different characters and reminded us to love one another ; she also keeps the memory of the adolescent who patiently repaired the ancient beautiful mechanisms of the clocks in the house, a prelude to healing souls which had sometimes been rebellious”.
Thank you Christian, you are now in peace and in joy, be our intercessor.
Sylviane De Raucourt

Mgr Robert Le Gall, la Mission ouvrière Sts Pierre et Paul, les paroissiens de Ste Claire, ses dix frères et sœurs et conjoints, ses cent neveux et nièces ont la douleur de faire part du décès du père Christian Vallette qui nous a quittés pour la maison du Père à l’âge de 65 ans.
La messe de sépulture a été célébrée jeudi 14 octobre 2010 à 14h30 à l’église du Christ Roi. L’inhumation a été après célébration à l’église, à La Forêt sur Sèvres 79380 à le lendemain.